10 Ways to Protect Yourself During Allergy Season

10 Ways to Protect Yourself During Allergy Season

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means – allergies! As many as 50 million American suffer from allergies. If you’re one of them, you are probably already starting to think how you can protect yourself from all of the sneezing, headaches, and congestion you’ll have to deal with in a few short weeks. The following can help you do that, so you can make this allergy season much less bothersome.

#1: Make an Appointment with Your Allergist

This is the time to schedule an appointment with your allergist if you haven’t done so already. He can test you for allergens, so you know exactly what you’re fighting against this season. He may even be able to give you some tips on how to avoid them when the results come back.

#2: Stock Up on Meds

You should shop for allergy medications now. You can save money if you buy ahead of time because of coupons and pre-allergy season sales. The other benefit of buying allergy medications now is that you won’t have to rush out to the store when you’re feeling sick from them.

If you need prescriptions for medications, be sure to ask for as much as you need for the entire season when you’re at the allergist’s office. You don’t want to be stuck with no medication, and for some allergists, it can take a while to get a refill.

#3: Eat Healthy and Exercise

Eating healthy and exercising can strengthen your immune system, which takes a huge hit during allergy season. If you start now, your reactions may not be as bad because your immune system will be well-rested and ready to combat all of the allergens.

#4: Pay Attention to Pollen Counts

If pollen is your biggest allergen, you need to pay attention to pollen counts each day. Your local news station will tell you, but there are many apps and website that will give you the same information when you need it for your area. Simply conduct a search on Google or in the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device.

#5: Plan Your Day Around Pollen Counts

If the pollen is going to be high during the morning, it makes sense to wait to go outside until the afternoon or evening.  If it’s going to be bad during the afternoon, you should go outside in the morning. It may be frustrating to plan your day over something as trivial as pollen counts, but it can help you feel less miserable the next couple of months.

#6: Take Medication Before Being Exposed

Unless you take medication daily, you should try to  prevent an allergy attack before it happens. When going outside, be sure to take a dose of your medication, even if the pollen counts are low. With this defense, you’ll have even less of a chance of becoming sick.

#7: Invest in Face Masks

It’s not the most stylish thing you can do, but it’s worth it when you don’t feel ill after mowing your lawn. The best ones are the N95 filter masks because of their effectiveness in blocking pollen.

#8: Limit Stress

Stress can make your immune system tired, which will decrease its efficiency in keeping allergens from hurting you. Be sure to take good care of your mental health during allergy season by engaging in stress-reducing activities – yoga, meditation, prayer, reading, or whatever works you.

#9: Wash Your Hair at Night

Pollen can cling to hair, especially if you use mousse or gel. Be sure to wash your hair at night, so you’re not breathing in the pollen while you sleep. Try not to use mousse or gel during allergy season to limit the amount of pollen that gets trapped in your hair.

#10: Wash Your Nose

Your nose has little hairs inside of it to keep dust, germs, and yes, allergens out of your body. It’s important to wash your nose during allergy season for more of a defense against them. Use a saline sinus rinse or a nasal spray.

Live Better This Allergy Season

You can make it through this upcoming allergy season. Just take care of yourself and do what you have to do to prevent allergens from invading your body. It’s time to fight the allergy battle and win this time.


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