Which Is More Important: Exercise or Diet? 

Which Is More Important: Exercise or Diet? 

We all know the two most important things when it comes to staying healthy are exercise and diet. Making sure to exercise regularly and to eat right are the best ways to keep your body in tip-top shape and to ensure you have the energy to do, well, whatever it is you want to do.

But which one of these is more important? That comes down to what results your hoping to achieve.

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Weight Loss

According to the Huffington Post, when it comes to weight loss, cutting calories is more important than jumping on the treadmill. There are many reasons why diet should be your focus when losing weight rather than exercise. For one, exercise tends to promote a stronger appetite, and it also takes more time. You can go through all the time-consuming steps of going to the gym, exercising, and showering, or you could just avoid a fatty snack.

Though both tend to work in tandem when it comes to losing weight, it’s actually diet that makes more of a difference than exercise. Because both will begin to plateau as our bodies change to meet the new effects of each activity, its exercise that creates a more intense plateau, making it harder for the body to shed pounds if it isn’t also taking in fewer calories and healthier meals.


If you’re more focused on increasing your energy level and trying to give your body a boost, diet is the way to go as well. According to Real Simple, eating well throughout the day will give your body more of a long-term energy surge that lasts all day, rather than exercise, which gives you a quick boost of energy that can just as quickly disappear. In addition, keeping your diet healthy will help you avoid strong spikes and drops in blood sugar, which will also keep you feeling more energized for longer periods of time.

Organ Health

If you’re worried about your ticker or the health of another organ, you may want to focus more on exercise. This choice can actually help you make sure your body will stay strong and will be more physically fit, which will mean your heart will be healthier as well as your brain. In fact, physical activity helps to sharpen your mind and protect you from diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s, while it also protects your heart from other issues.

The Verdict: Focus on Both

While exercise may be better for one benefit you’re trying to gain and diet may be better for another, both are considerably helpful for every one of these goals. You’ll gain more energy with exercise too, and your organs will thank you if you put healthy food in your body. It is best to know which of these practices will be most helpful for your specific goal. However, if you want to gain all the benefits that exercise and a healthy diet can give you, it’s best to practice them together.

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