Overeating: How To Change Your Impulse Eating Habits

Overeating: How To Change Your Impulse Eating Habits

Impulse eating is one of the biggest causes for weight gain out there. While you might start your diet with the very best of intentions, it is easy to get caught up in your food cravings and before long, you might find yourself lost in the cookie cupboard, having consumed half a week’s worth of food. Taking control over your eating habits is not something that will necessarily come overnight but it is something that you can gradually get under your belt; all it takes a little focus. Eating on impulse is consuming foods without a thought of how they might affect your body and by taking a more mindful approach to your diet, you can get over your habit and introduce healthy change in your lifestyle.

Are you ready for a healthier, happier you? It’s time to take a look at what you’re eating.

Eat Light Bites, Often

Are you a three big meals kind of person? You might be making your healthy eating journey a whole lot more difficult for yourself. While being raised on three large meals throughout the day is perfectly normal, it might actually be better for your health if you split your eating up into smaller segments. Studies have shown that by eating smaller meals more frequently, you can help to keep your blood sugar at a steady level throughout the day and feel less hungry in the evening. Maintaining your intake of food is a great way of keeping your energy levels up, which in turn can make it easier for you to make sensible eating choices over the course of a week. The less hungry you are, the more healthy you will be!

Always Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast might seem like a good way to lose weight and slim down but in fact, it could be having an adverse effect on your overall health. Failing to fuel your body sufficiently in the morning is more likely to lead to you making poorer eating choices in the day in order to up your energy levels. The more tired that you feel, the more sugar that you are likely to consume. To counteract this process, it’s worth eating a little something in the morning to help to boost your blood sugar levels. A bowl of oats or chia seeds is a great option and will provide you with enough slow release energy to last well into the morning.

Stop The Snacking

Snacking after hours might be a part of your night time routine but doing so over a prolonged period of time can actually cause you to pile on the pounds and feel all the worse for it. When you eat in front of a TV screen, you are less likely to pay attention to the amount that you’re eating and over time, the action can become mechanic. To combat the problem, you can try to give yourself a “cut off” time in the evening after which you stop snacking. Giving your stomach time to digest the food from the day is the best way to stay in good shape and fall asleep more easily. Night time snacking won’t help anyone.

Take A Pause

You might find yourself reaching for the snack drawer as soon as you have a spare few minutes but before you go ahead with you food choice, it’s worth asking yourself what you will get out of the food you’re craving. Stopping to think before you eat can help you to weigh up the health benefits of your snack of choice and make you more aware of your eating habits. The next time you find yourself craving something unhealthy, ask yourself whether your body really needs it or rather, if it’s just an impulse eat.

Change Your Environment

When you’re in different places, you can find your behaviour changing accordingly and what might be true in one environment can fail to stick elsewhere. Habits are often things that we develop as a result of the places we’re in and can have nothing to do with our real needs. If you find yourself constantly wanting to snack at the office, try getting away from your desk and going for a brief walk. Taking the time in which to remove yourself from the situation will help you to make a mindful choice and might even make it easier to break the snacking habit.

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