Eat These Foods For A Healthier Gut


A healthy gut means better health; it’s really that simple. When it comes to good digestion, it’s all about what we eat and while following a balanced diet is the best way to stay in better health, there are certain foods that we can eat in order to boost the healthy flora in our gut and keep things moving smoothly. Feeling bloated and sluggish after eating is not something that we should have to deal with on a regular basis and by eating gut-friendly foods, we can banish the bloat before it’s even taken hold.

Chia Seeds

Enjoying something of a moment in the superfood sun, chia seeds are one of the best ways that we can boost our digestive health and keep our bodies on tip top form. Just how do they do it, though? A rich source of antioxidants and fiber, chia seeds can help to reduce inflammation in the gut, keep your bowels working efficiently and maintain healthier digestion over a longer period of time. Eating as little as two tablespoons of the seeds can be all it takes to get back on track and stop feeling so sluggish!

Coconut Oil

Good for your hair, better for you skin and body, coconut oil is a real wonder food. But great for your gut? That’s something worth shouting about. In fact, studies have found that cooking with coconut oil on a regular basis can be a great way of keeping your digestive system in working order, helping to maintain regular functions more effectively. It all comes down to the fatty acids in the oil. Unlike other variations, coconut oil fatty acids can help to make digestion easier for the body, in turn boosting immunity and helping to keep your metabolism running smoothly. All that for just a little cooking? Where do we sign up?


It might not be the biggest vegetable on the market, but zucchini could just be one of the most powerful. As well as being a great detoxifier of nasty chemicals, the green vegetable can help to effectively boost your body’s digestive capacities and keep things running smoothly. High in fiber, the vegetable can help to cleanse the digestive tract, clean the walls of the intestine and prevent the build up on carcinogenic matter in the organ. Eat more of it in your diet and feel all the positive effects!


A food made up of clarified butter without any of the nasty fats, sugar and lactose, ghee is one of the healthiest ways that you can boost the taste of your home cooking. Apart from being low in all of the nasty extras hidden in butter, ghee is also a great way of boosting your body’s digestive systems, helping to cut down on bloating and reduce feelings of sluggishness after eating. Other fats and oils have been known to slow down digestion in the body, leading to that heavy feeling we all know so well. Ghee, on the other hand, encourages the secretion of stomach acids, helping the body to break down food at a more effective rate. The more often you eat the food, the better you might just feel!

Probiotic Yogurt

Often, we suffer from poor digestion as a direct result of having too few “good” bacteria in our guts and as a result, things stop working as effectively as before. In order to maintain healthy levels and regain normality, it pays to top up on your body’s stores and eat more of the stuff in your diet. Enter the probiotic yogurt. Packed full of the friendly bacteria that is also found in the gut, the yogurts help to effectively top up dwindling stores and keep things running on a smooth basis. If you’re noticing that you’re becoming more bloated after eating, try making probiotics a part of your regular diet; you might feel all the better for it.

Poor digestion is something that we all suffer from from time to time and luckily, righting imbalances in the gut is something that is relatively easy to do. The next time you feel the build up of the dreaded bloat, try making a few subtle changes in your diet and eating for your gut; over time, you might just breathe a little more easily.

Miracle Maker: The Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

These days, there are even more of us than ever looking to get on a health kick and thanks to a boosted interest in clean living, active lifestyles and enhanced wellness, getting on the healthy straight and narrow has never been easier. When it comes to healthy lifestyles, then you would be hard pressed to find a plant as good for your body and mind than aloe vera. Great for your skin and even better for your body, aloe vera is practically a miracle worker and whether you incorporate it into your diet naturally or through supplements, making it a part of your routine could pay off in big ways down the line.

Still not convinced? This might just change your mind.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Do you ever get that sluggish feeling after eating a big meal when your food seems to be sitting on top of your stomach? Feelings of bloatedness could be related to poor digestion in the gut and, when left to manifest for long periods of time, they could lead to a dip in energy levels, pain in the abdomen and poorer health. If you’re on the hunt for a plant that can really work, then aloe vera might be the thing for you. Known to help soothe the digestive tract and reduce inflammation in the gut, the plant can significantly improve poor digestion and leave you feeling decidedly healthier down the line. Decreasing bad bacteria in the gut and keeping things working smoothly, aloe vera is a great natural cure both against IBS and acid reflux.

Improves Heart Health

Want to keep your ticker in tip top form? You might just need to enlist the help of aloe vera. Although recent studies are still in their infancy, they have suggested that when it is injected into the blood, aloe vera extract can massively enhance the oxygen transportation efficiency in red blood capillaries, in turn leading to a healthier, more oxygenated blood stream. Team that with the fact that the plant can help to regulate blood pressure and blood circulation, and you’re on to a real winner.

Boosts The Immune System

There comes a time of year when no matter how healthy a lifestyle we might follow, we begin to pick up a number of coughs, colds and flu viruses. Maintaining a healthy immune system is all part and parcel of staying in good form and while picking up a seasonal cold here and there is something that is hard to avoid, we can boost our ability to fight off infection at a more effective rate by making aloe vera a part of our routines. Known to help boost the production of white blood cells inside the body, aloe vera can help to improve health by increasing our body’s illness-fighting powers. Better yet, the plant is known to be high in antioxidants which work wonders in preventing against diseases by fighting off free radicals inside the body. A better level of general health? Yes please!

Soothes Skin Problems

Suffering from persistent acne or burns on the skin’s surface can feel like a losing battle and no matter the number of chemical cures on the market, actually finding something that works can feel like a full time job. Enter aloe vera. Packed full of nutrients that help to heal wounds, soothe the skin and relieve pain and itching, the plant can really transform the quality of your skin. That’s not all, either; the plant can help to stop bleeding from cuts and grazes, improve the elasticity in the skin’s surface and help to keep your body well moisturized. That’s no mean feat for a little plant.

Detoxifies The Body

Want to boost your all round health? Aloe vera will do it for you. Known as a gelatinous plant food, aloe vera can help to absorb any toxins that might be hanging around inside your gut and digestive system, effectively removing them from your body through the colon. Taken on a regular basis, aloe vera can help to regularly flush any nasty extras from your body, boosting your internal health and enhancing your feeling of wellness.

Good for your skin, great for your heart and working wonders on your internal systems, aloe vera might just be the plant that has it all. The only thing left is for you to make it a part of your diet and see the benefits for yourself!