Turn Up The Heat: The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods

Turn Up The Heat: The Health Benefits Of Spicy Foods

Whether you like your curries spicy, sizzling or hotter than the sun, there’s no denying that piquant foods pack a real flavor punch and are just downright delicious. But healthy too? That’s a turn out for the books.

It turns out that your favorite peppery dish might be doing a whole lot more for your body than you initially thought and that actually, eating on the spicy side of life could be one of the healthiest options that you could take. While hot foods are popular around the world, they rarely make the health plan headlines and although certain dishes are most certainly less healthy than others, there are many good reasons why you should be loading up on the chilis for your next dish. Tasty, punchy and good for you overall well-being, spicy foods are the new health foods and if you want to really do your body some good, then you will try turning up the heat on your next trip to the kitchen.

Improve Your Brain Function

Have you ever suffered from the 4pm slump? After a day in front of your computer screen, the dreaded hour rolls around once again and no matter how productive you might have felt, you find yourself tumbling into a vortex of inactivity. While you might feel inclined to reach for the coffee pot when you can’t focus, you might want to supplement it instead for a chili or two. It turns out that hot foods have a remarkable way of clearing the mind and helping you to solve problems more readily. Spices are believed to be linked to reducing the symptoms of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s by reducing stress in areas of the brain linked to control memory and learning. While the findings are still in their early stages, the effects of spices like cinnamon are believed to be wholly positive. While you might be tempted to go out and eat a stick of of the stuff, experts claim that sticking to the same amounts that you would normally use is enough to have a positive effect on your health.

Reduce Carcinogens In Your Meals

Barbequed foods are something that the best of us can’t deny enjoying and with the temperatures beginning to hot up, it’s more than likely that we too will begin to fire up the grills. With barbequed meat, however, comes a list of toxins that are linked to cancers in the lungs, pancreas and breast. If you simply can’t get enough of the stuff, however, you can try supplementing your barbeque with a little sizzle of spice. Studies have shown that by either marinating or dry rubbing your meat with rosemary before cooking helps to reduce the level of the toxins by up to 70 percent. Antioxidant and delicious? We’ll take it.

Strengthen Your Heart

Hot peppers might get your heart pumping in more ways than one, according to studies. People who regularly eat the foods have a lower risk of developing heart disease throughout their lives than those who forgo spices altogether. The reason might be due to the foods’ ability to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol and enhancing blood flow throughout the body. Chemicals inside the peppers are so effective, in fact, that they are being used to treat circulatory problems, hardening of the arteries and irregular heart rhythms.

Prevent The Formation Of Ulcers

Despite packing a serious spicy punch, hot peppers might be the best preventative treatment that you can take against the formation of stomach ulcers. Filled with a bacteria-fighting chemical known as capsaicin, hot peppers can effectively help to ward off the formation of ulcers and destroy those that have already formed. In fact, people who follow a spice-laden diet have been effectively proved to be three times less likely to form a stomach ulcer compared with those who don’t. That’s another good reason to pile on the spice.

With links to better circulation, increased mental function and tip top internal health, spices might just be the superfood that we have been overlooking for years. And while die-hard spice fans will start the day off with a chili pepper, simply seasoning or topping off your normal dishes with a few piquant foods is enough for you to feel all of the health benefits. Tasty food can be good for you too and thanks to the wide world of spices, you can follow a varied, flavorsome diet.

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