25 Incredible Statistics and Facts About Marijuana

25 Incredible Statistics and Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana is the most widely used mainstream drug in America, and it is increasingly becoming a legal option for people regarding their medical treatments and recreational use across the nation. Throughout the years, many people have been taught different things regarding the real truth behind marijuana. There are many misconceptions, as well as lack of knowledge regarding the growing industry. Read on to learn 25 incredible marijuana statistics and facts.

  1. Marijuana sends the body’s metabolism into overdrive, causing cravings but also acting as a digestive aid. While the plant causes hunger, it helps the body to use the food better.
  2. The ACLU has reported black people are arrested for the same charges concerning marijuana, and the risk actually increases by eight times in some states; specifically name was Minnesota, DC, and Iowa.
  3. The same reporting from the ACLU found that blacks and white consume cannabis average the same consumption rates of marijuana.
  4. The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association released an article in 2013 sharing information regarding how pet owners are helping their suffering dogs and cats with medical marijuana. (In large quantities, weed may be deadly to animals.)
  5. According to studies, using cannabis decreases the risk of obesity by about 33%.
  6. Legal marijuana projected revenue from US sales are expected to grow $20.2 billion by the year 2021.
  7. Recreational ‘weed’ is legal now in 8 states and the District of Columbia.
  8. 27% of US beer drinkers say they would trade their daily drinking in for cannabis if it was legal in the state they reside.
  9. Over 160 million people around the globe use cannabis, translating to about 5% of the world population.
  10. It is now legal to smoke marijuana without a prescription for one in five Americans.
  11. In 2014, the recreational cannabis market grew 74%. This number represents the fastest growing industry in the US; cannabis. The same year, the medical industry came in next with $1.2 billion in revenue. (Source: Arcview Market Research)
  12. If marijuana gets legalized across the entire United States of America, more than 2 billion is expected to be lost by the beer industry.
  13. More than 163,638 pounds of cannabis was seized by the DEA
  14. Harvard University released study findings in 2010 estimating over $17 billion is spent by state and federal governments annually for marijuana prohibition.
  15. A report was released at the beginning of 2017 showing that marijuana sales are expected to triple in four years.
  16. Nearly 10 million Americans had used cannabis within one month of being surveyed about whether they had ever used marijuana.
  17. The US National Institute on Drug Abuse funded a $2 million four-year study in 2013 to determine if marijuana use results in cognitive, affective, or behavioral effects that are consistent with domestic abuse and partner aggression. Their study found that the couples most likely to experience episodes of domestic violence smoked pot together.
  18. January first through the end of February in 2014 brought over $6 million in collected tax revenue on legal marijuana sales in Colorado.
  19. Someone is arrested for marijuana possession in the United States every minute of the day.
  20. The police arrest people in the US for drug crimes more than any other type of crime. Drugs are the number one reason Americans are arrested, with approximately 45% of them being marijuana arrests. About 85% of those numbers represent possession charges alone.
  21. 12,411,877 pounds of marijuana was seized by the DEA from 2000-2013.
  22. The legal possession and use of medical marijuana is legal in 21 states.
  23. Cannabis was a normal and common ingredient used in medicinal tinctures, and didn’t even require a label mention from the seller. This was prior to the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act in the United States.
  24. Hemp fibers were used by the ancient Taiwanese approximately 10,000 years ago to decorate pottery.
  25. Medicinal marijuana is used in children and adults to reduce the number of seizures they get from epilepsy that’s hard to control with mediations, and it’s also used to help ease vomiting and nausea suffered by AIDS or chemo-bound cancer patients.

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