5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Better Health

5 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Better Health

Looking for a multipurpose product that can boost your health, balance your nutrition and improve your way of life? You got it! Coconut oil is one of the most versatile items around and incorporating it into your routine can help to boost your wellness and generally feel better about yourself. Keeping a jar of the oil in your home is a guaranteed way to better skin, hair, internal health and immunity, as well as so much more. Are you ready to get on a health kick? It’s time to start using coconut oil the right way!

Calms Your Skin Problems

Are you dealing with persistent acne? Coconut oil might be the best cure on the market. While lathering your face with more oil might be the very thing you wish to avoid, doing so can actually help to restore the balance in your skin and get rid of the problem once and for all. Coconut oil is loaded with antibacterial properties and rich nutrients that can help to gently cleanse your skin of any impurities while feeding it the right kinds of ingredients it needs in order to heal itself. Better yet, the oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids that can be easily absorbed into the skin without causing any lasting greasy buildup. Cleansing your face with the stuff night and day can be all that it takes to find a clearer skin and a more happy you.

Gets Rid Of Stubborn Makeup

Dealing with panda eyes might be something of a daily struggle for you and if you’re fed up of trying to find a makeup remover that really works, it could be time to go the natural route. Coconut oil has been praised time and again for its gentle cleansing powers and when it come to stubborn makeup, it’s a similar story. Not only will the product leave your skin completely makeup free but also, it can boost the appearance of your complexion and help to keep your face looking at its very best. Simply apply the oil to a cotton pad, rinse with water and cleanse as normal.

Conditions Your Hair

Frizzy, damaged hair can take a great deal of time and effort to get under control but if you want the best way to improve your mane, coconut oil might just have all of the answers. Helping to both nourish any dry areas and combat frizz, coconut oil can help to give you the hair that you’ve always dreamed of, conditioning it right down to the roots. Packed full of nourishing vitamin E, the oil can be applied to even the driest of ends to transform your look into something fresh and new. Keep a small pot in your bag and apply at your leisure.

Improves Your Dental Health

Want a whiter smile but are worried about the astringent properties in your toothpaste? Try calling on mother nature. Coconut oil has recently been revived as a way of naturally whitening teeth and getting rid of any impurities that might have built up. The technique, know as oil pulling, is used to pull toxins from the mouth and freshen your breath in the process. By following the technique for 10 minutes each night you can come away with a better smile and improve the quality of your teeth, too!

Relieves Sore Throats

With allergy season in full swing, you might be in the process of dealing with a summer cold. Fighting off the signs of illness can be a real struggle, particularly if you want to keep things as healthy as possible. No more. Coconut oil has been named as an effective and gentle way to combat the symptoms of a sore throat and keeping a pot in your medicine cupboard can significantly pay off.  Try mixing a little melted coconut oil with some honey the next time that you feel unwell. Taking this a few times throughout the day can help to ease your symptoms and have you feeling better in no time at all!

Coconut oil is versatile, gentle and entirely natural and making it a part of your beauty and health routine can seriously pay off into the future. Try keeping a pot with you at home and on the go and discovering just how it can put your body in better health.

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