Avoid These Top 7 Weight-Loss Screw-ups

Avoid These Top 7 Weight-Loss Screw-ups

Weight loss is no easy task. And if you are crazy busy, it is even tougher to concentrate solely on your own health goals in a sustainable, healthy way. This article is here to help you navigate the road to successful weight loss and avoid falling into the common traps along the way that do nothing more than set people up for failure. Registered dieticians, nutritionists, weight loss coaches and health coaches deal with frustrated patients and clients on a daily basis who strive so hard to lose the fat but the results they get don’t always match the effort they are putting in.

Here are seven weight loss blunders to avoid making when pursuing a healthy lifestyle of losing the fat, building the muscle and living a longer life:

Food Group Deprivation

One very common mistake people make when trying to lose weight is depriving themselves of an entire food group, such as meat or carbs. Unless there is a medical reason for ruling out the food group (such as a dairy allergy or celiac disease), then you should never eliminate an entire food group from your diet. If you do, the efforts will not be conducive for your health journey. Every food group provides essential nutrients and vitamins to the human body. When you cut out a group, the result is typically a nutrient deficient and unbalanced diet. If you cannot give the food group up for the rest of your life and replace the missed nutrients another way in your diet, then it’s definitely not the way to believe you will achieve long-lasting weight loss.

The Liquid Diet

Smoothies and green drinks are the newest craze to hit the wellness market and many times people choose to use these drinks to replace their meals in the thought that weight loss will follow. Unfortunately, there are many times the right mix of nutrients are not in the drinks to support a full range of dietary needs required for a meal. For instance, green juices lack protein and fiber and smoothies oftentimes are packed with sugar, calories, sweeteners, too many nuts and seeds plus fruit in oversized portions. Consuming drinks like these instead of getting in a well-rounded meal can ultimately sabotage your weight loss and health efforts.

It’s All or Nothing

Stop going into eating healthier with the viewpoint that you have to cut out the foods you love. There is no approach that will set you up for failure faster than thinking you absolutely cannot have this or that. You end up craving that one food so much that it overtakes your mind and you may end up binging on the food. There is no good that’s going to come out of an ‘it’s all or nothing’ attitude when it comes to what you put in your mouth. If you are a pasta lover, don’t eliminate it from your life. Instead, go ahead and sauté a blend of shrimp and veggies in olive oil and garlic then toss with pasta to enjoy in a sensible and healthy meal.

Calorie Sabotage

Counting calories is a huge trap people fall into when trying to lose weight. The obsession with low calorie diets leave people feeling empty and unsatisfied. The answer is to eat more of the foods packed with nutrients to prolong your life. To be successful with your health journey and weight loss goals, get in the practice of counting nutrients throughout the day instead of counting calories. What you put in your mouth is just as important to the human body as the amount of food you eat. Ditch the 1200 calorie diet for a diet packed full of good food that is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Cutting Out Healthy Fats

The ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s have taught women one thing through the decades—to be afraid of eating fat. The result is too many people start a weight loss routine with the focus on only eating fat-free and low-fat food versions instead of eating whole, healthy foods. At the end of the day, they have consumed a great deal of refined carbs and none of the healthy fat necessary for satiety. Healthy fats should be included with every meal in the form of seeds, nuts, soy, oily fish, liquid oils, dairy products or avocados.

Going In Without a Plan

Not having a realistic, solid plan when embarking on a new weight loss journey is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Get started with your weight loss launch by coming up with challengeable, small action steps in working towards attaining weight loss and fitness goals. This is how healthy habits are developed and will help set in a doable lifelong routine.

ONLY Wanting What You Can’t Have

So many people start their weight loss journey with a number of limitations and items they cannot have and those “no” foods cloud over all other thinking, especially regarding food. These include no bread, no dairy, no sweets, no sugar, no alcohol, no cheese, etc. Don’t focus on all the things you shouldn’t be eating, instead focus on the delicious foods you can put in your mouth that you look forward to having again and again.

If you follow the advice from the mistakes and tips above, then you will be starting your weight loss journey in the best way to achieve your goals rather than setting yourself up for failure yet again when it comes to shedding the pounds.




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