Easy Tips for a Healthy and Enjoyable Diet

Easy Tips for a Healthy and Enjoyable Diet

Let’s face it, the more miserable you are on a diet the more likely you are to cheat or give up on the diet altogether. So the best tip for any diet is to find a plan that you are actually going to follow. It also helps to retrain yourself not to think of a diet as punishment for a life of over indulgence. A diet is simply the food that you eat on a regular basis. And by adding healthy foods to that palette you are creating your own healthy diet.

Variety-The Spice of Life and Your Diet

Variety is important to any diet for a couple of reasons. First, variety is what will keep mealtime and snack time interesting and enjoyable. And that takes you right back to the first tip of dieting, pick something that you can stick to. In addition, eating a variety of healthy foods is the best way to get all of the important nutrition that you need. Eating a balanced diet eliminates the need for chemical supplements which are not as beneficial as the natural nutrients found in your food.

Portion Control

Mastering portion control is going to allow you to have your treats and indulgences without destroying all of your hard work dieting for the week. But you need to understand that a nutritional serving is not always the same as a serving size at a restaurant. A proper portion is determined by calories not just if the item fits on a single plate. So a single large slice of pizza is a serving and not a half a pizza. Restaurants offer super-sized portions to be seen as a financial value, not a health value. So enjoy a slice of pizza or a burger but only a single serving and accompany that treat with other more healthy options such as salad, fruit or other vegetables.

Limit Wasted Calories

Many processed products such as white bread, pasta and most snack foods contain refined carbohydrates which offer little or no dietary fiber and nutrients. These items will make you feel full but will provide very little nutrition for all of the calories that you are consuming. Think of it as short changing your body much like if you put cheap gasoline in your car. Like the car, your body will not function as efficiently or well. In addition, items like soda and candy are loaded with sugar which is another empty calorie which offers your body no real benefit or fuel.

Make Smart Choices

Eating is simply a way to fuel the machine that is your body. But there is no reason that you cannot enjoy your meals as well. You simply need to read labels, invest some time to learn what health benefits different foods offer and then decide to eat well balanced meals that are both proportionate and varied. We are very fortunate to have an abundance of choices to meet our daily nutrient needs and with just the slightest bit of effort, meals can be very healthy and enjoyable. Not only will you find that you are feeling better, have more energy and are enjoying your meals but you will also begin to see that a diet is not necessarily a bad thing, but simple the list of foods that you choose to eat.

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