People Perceive Those Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery as More Successful and Healthy

People Perceive Those Who Have Undergone Plastic Surgery as More Successful and Healthy

Researchers have identified that most people who have undergone plastic surgeries feel better about themselves, which boosts their feelings of attractiveness and self-esteem. There haven’t been many studies on what others think of people who have gone through with the procedures, though. A new study has been able to bring light to this topic.

A study published in the April 27th edition of JAMA suggests that there may be even more societal benefit to cosmetic surgery than we all believe. The researchers reported, “To our knowledge, this study represents the largest of its kind to measure the effect of surgery for the aging face on observer perceptions.”

About the Study

There were 504 participants in the study. These participants viewed pictures of patients before and after plastic or cosmetic surgery. For each photo, each of the participants had to rate the person’s attractiveness, perceived successfulness, and health. A guess at the age of the people in the pictures was also asked.

There were 12 white female patients’ pictures chosen for the study. Six of them had undergone face and eyelid lifts and the other size had face and eyelid lifts along with an eyebrow lift. Participants rates photos of either before or after pictures, but not both of them.

The Results of the Study

Participants rated the post-operative pictures higher than pre-operative ones. They rates them as being more attractive, healthier and much more successful. They also looked younger.

Many researchers have already found that those who are perceived as younger and more attractive have many more opportunities, such as being hired for a job or finding love. Research has even found that people who are perceived as prettier are much less likely to be found guilty.

Implication of the Results

It’s important to realize that when you seek plastic or cosmetic surgery, you are not only doing it to improve what you think of yourself, but what others think of you. Sure, you should never base your thoughts about yourself on what others think, but the reality is that the perception of others influence your career and relationship opportunities. If you needed any more reason to take a step towards getting a cosmetic procedure, let this be it.

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