Prepare for Winter Cold Season Now

Prepare for Winter Cold Season Now

Summer is over, and as the weather gets colder, people will be seeking shelter indoors. As they do that, they will be spreading more germs, and you know what happens with that, right? Colds.

Using hand sanitizer and washing your hands before eating or touching your eyes, ears or nose can help prevent getting sick, but there’s something else you can do.

Consume more vitamin C!

Does that mean popping a vitamin C pill? No. Those aren’t as effective as you may think. Instead, it’s better to eat more foods containing vitamin C.

The first thing you probably think of is… ORANGES.

Sure, you could eat more oranges, but there are plenty of other foods you could eat to get vitamin C.

Red Bell Pepper

This beautiful veggie packs a punch when it comes to vitamin. C. You get 95 milligrams of vitamin C with just a half cup of it. It’s low calorie too with just 19 calories for the same amount.


Papaya is another vitamin C rich food, but it also has a lot of vitamin A and fiber. Grab some papaya if you’re looking for something sweet and juicy to sink your teeth into during those dreary, gloomy days.


This may be difficult to find in the colder months, but if you’re lucky to live in places where this is provided year round, you should definitely add this into your diet. You can get a whopping 377 milligrams of vitamin C in just a cup of guava.


Let’s get back to veggies. Broccoli isn’t a vegetable that many people think of when it comes to vitamin C, but has more than an orange. You can get 81 milligrams in just a cup. Add this to your lunch and dinner!


Strawberries are found in the best desserts, and you know what? They are also high in vitamin C. Add strawberries to your cereal in the morning, some in your salad for lunch, and then top your shortcake with it for a great dose of vitamin C.


The yellow variety is best, but all kiwi has vitamin C in it. The yellow has 130 milligrams! The green has about half of that, which still makes it a great choice.

Hot Green Chili Peppers

Chop up a chili pepper and put it in your Mexican dishes for a vitamin C boost. Not only will you get that immune boosting vitamin, but you’ll speed up your metabolism. Research has shown that spicy foods boost the metabolism, so get ready to turn up the heat.

Mustard Greens

Not all greens have vitamin C, so you’ll have to get mustard greens. They have 78 milligrams per two cups. Sauteed them with some olive oil and eat it as a side dish.


This is another vitamin C and metabolism booster. Eat some pineapple for a desserts after dinner, or simply snack on it throughout the day.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, go ahead and grab these items. You’ll love the colors they add to your meals and snacks, and they will help you stay healthy throughout the colder months!

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