Simple Diet and Fitness Tips That Really Work!

Simple Diet and Fitness Tips That Really Work!

Everyone wants to be healthy and feel good but it is often easy to get caught up in fad diets or difficult exercise regimens which turn out to be impossible to follow. Life is busy and even though health is a priority, an exercise program still needs to work within your daily schedule to be successful. Trying just a few of these easy tips can help you to find that balance of diet, exercise and daily life that works for you and helps you to feel more healthy. [the_ad id=”1065″]


Staying hydrated is critical to every aspect of your body. Without proper hydration, nothing is functioning at peak performance and you will not feel your best. It is also important that you understand that once you begin to feel the sensation of thirst, your body is already in the early stages of dehydration. So train yourself to drink water regularly to avoid feeling thirsty. Also, for a period of exercise or heavy exertion lasting more than an hour, consider an electrolyte heavy sports drink. Try a low calorie version or even a full calorie drink knowing that you are burning the calories and while also staying hydrated.

Train with A Buddy

It can be hard to allot the time needed to exercise, but you will be less likely to skip a workout if it means cancelling on a friend. In addition, having someone to work out with is a great way to motivate each other. A friend will keep you honest, keep you motivated and lend support when you are feeling down or discouraged.

Ice Down Like a Pro

Especially as you begin a new training program, it is not unusually for you to feel achy. Sore thighs and tight calves are to be expected but that is part of the process. Use the same trick pro athletes use and soak in a cool bath of about 55 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. This will reduce swelling and soreness after an intense training session.

Pick Better Treats

Life without rewards is not very enjoyable so don’t quit rewarding yourself for a job well done. But also, don’t choose a treat that derails all of your hard work. If you have a sweet tooth, then seek a natural sweet treat such as an apple or or figs. If you like a salty snack, turn away from the chips and grab a spoon of peanut butter. The protein is an added bonus for muscle recovery and rebuilding.

Beware of Hidden Adult Calories

After a long week it can be hard to resist happy hour with friends. But understanding the calories in a single drink might make you feel differently about the time spent socializing. If you feel like having an adult beverage, arm yourself with a mental list of a few well researched low calorie options. And order a glass of water as well. Sipping both will help to stretch a single drink, keep you hydrated and keep your calories under control.

Diet and exercise should help to improve your life not make you miserable. So follow these few simple tips to will help you reach your goals while still enjoying life.

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