Summer Heat Slows You Down

Summer Heat Slows You Down

The carefree days of summer may seem like you can do anything you want. Afterall, the weather is nice, and you can go out without being weighed down by sweaters, coats and scarves. But researchers recently reported on a study that the summer may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, and actually, it can end up slowing your brain.

It all has to do with temperature. A new study finds that the brain is susceptible temperature abnormalities.

Just as you may walk slower when it’s hot out because it just seems like you’re walking through thick humidity fog, the brain also deals with the heat in much of the same way.

The study looked at two groups of students who were in rooms with different degrees of temperature. In the mornings, each group would take tests on their phone. The results were consistent in that the students who were in the warmer rooms scored lower than those in the cooler rooms.

What the Findings Mean for Workers

Since it seems as though temperature has a lot to do with how people think, it’s safe to say that working environments that are cooler would be much better for productivity. So, employers should consider the temperature of their office for employees. Keeping the office at an uncomfortable temperature could end up costing them a lot of money.

Does this mean that office spaces should be chilling cold? Probably not.

While hot environments slow the brain down, uncomfortable cold ones may do the same, or at least impact the ability to focus. When someone is cold, they are more likely to seek warmth in various ways, and that can take their attention away from the work they are doing. So, even though they may be quicker at thinking, they won’t be able to think because they can’t focus on the task at hand.

The only way to create an area that is conducive to the best working environment is to set it at a mild temperature. The low to mid 70s is perfect for an office environment. This will ensure that someone is able to think, but not too cold not to focus. It’s also the perfect temperature for a light sweater in case some people feel that it is too cool for their liking.

Another consideration is illness when it comes to extreme temperature. Warmer offices have a tendency to harbor viruses, which can then affect many employees. Colder offices can sometimes aggravate people’s immune systems making them more susceptible to illnesses. Again, keeping the environment at a mild temperature is best.

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