How To Lower Your Blood Cholesterol At Home

Cholesterol. It’s all over the health world and yet, you might not be aware by just how big an effect it can have on your wellness and way of life. Maintaining a healthy blood cholesterol level is essential to not only the endurance of your heart and cardiovascular system but also, the flow of oxygenated blood around your body and essential organs. When you have too much cholesterol in your system, your blood vessels can become inhibited and blocked by the substance and as a result, oxygen rich blood cannot properly circulate. Left unchecked, high cholesterol levels can lead to diseases such as heart attack and stroke, seriously affecting your health.

There is another way to the whole issue, however, and by changing up the foods you eat and lifestyle you follow, you can effectively lower your cholesterol level and naturally boost your health. These methods are so simple they can be carried out at home, helping you to enjoy the best health possible.


Rolled oats are packed full of healthy benefits and making them a part of your morning routine can seriously help you out in the cholesterol department. Eating two servings of oats per day can be all that it takes to reduce your body’s levels of the stuff and help you to feel more healthy. In just 6 weeks, your levels of LDL cholesterol can be reduced by as much as 5.3%, helping you find your way on the road to better health. The secret is in the beta-glucan. Packed inside the oats, the molecule absorbs LDL cholesterol, which can then be excreted by your body. Say hello to better health!

Red Wine

Does drinking red wine sound too good to be true? It’s time to believe it. Certain varieties of grapes, such as those used to make Rioja, are believed to have a significant effect on harmful cholesterol levels in the body. When individuals consume this particular type of grape, their LDL levels can decrease by as much as 9% which in terms of cholesterol is a huge amount. Drinking a glass here and there throughout the week can help to keep your health in good spirits and your cholesterol levels down. It’s time to drink to your wellbeing.


Certain varieties of tea are renowned for their cancer fighting properties but it turns out, there could be even more to the drink than meets the eye. Black tea has recently been found to be a strong defense mechanism against the buildup of LDL cholesterol in the body, helping to keep your own levels with healthy boundaries. Drinking black teas over a course of just 3 weeks can help to reduce the amounts of blood lipids in your body by as much as 10%, making it incredibly easy to nip any cholesterol issues in the bud. Having a cup at the start of the day can help you to feel healthier and give your general wellbeing a boost, too!


Packed full of flavor, garlic is a great addition to any meal time. It turns out, however, that there is more to the bulb than just great taste. By including garlic more in your cooking, you can help to give your health a serious boost. As well as keeping your cholesterol levels healthy, garlic is known to help reduce blood clots, lower your blood pressure and protect you against infections. Now there’s a whole list of great reasons to eat more of the stuff!


Want to strengthen your body and boost your health in one fell swoop? Give spinach a try! Packed full of lutein, spinach is already renowned for its healing power against the effects of macular degeneration, which the molecule helps to protect against. It turns out, however, that there might be more to lutein than meets the eye. Recent research has revealed that the molecule can help to reduce the presence of cholesterol that can cause arteries to clog, reducing your risk of heart attacks in the process. Eating a few servings of the green leaves can be all it takes to find a happier, healthier you!

Effective Ways To Naturally Lower Cholesterol


Good health is a balance of different processes and in order to stay in shape, you need to ensure that all processes are working in the correct way. While keeping your weight within healthy measures and toning up your muscles are both great ways to stay on top, it is your internal health that really keeps things ticking over and paying attention to what you put in your body should be a top priority. Your cholesterol levels are essential for maintaining healthy cell membranes and blood vessels but should your number become too high, you could risk putting your health in serious danger.

When it comes to healthy cholesterol, it’s all about what you eat and by maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle, you can ensure that you stay in the best possible shape. But what can you eat to make even more of a difference? These foods might be entirely natural, but they can really work miracles when it comes to lowering your cholesterol.


Not just a great way in which to start the day, oats are one of the best foods that you can eat to lower your cholesterol levels, boosting your health in the process. Simply by making them a part of your morning routine, you can cut your cholesterol levels by as much as 5% over a course of 6 weeks. Better yet, oats will keep you going for longer throughout the day, helping you to make healthier eating choices later on; who doesn’t want that?

Fatty Fish

While eating more fat in your diet might seem counter-productive, there are certain types of the nutrient that can actually help to bolster your health. Omega 3 is perhaps the healthiest fat there is, helping to ward off diseases such as heart degeneration and dementia. When it comes to cholesterol, it’s a similar story; fatty acids in fish such as salmon and herring can help to banish bad cholesterol while topping up your body’s supply of healthy fats. The better health you are in, the more effectively your body can function; simple!


There’s a good reason why you should make nuts your healthy snack of choice. People who regularly eat small quantities of nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashews can significantly keep their bad cholesterol levels in check, while boosting healthy internal functioning in the body. Be wary, though; while the food is great as a snack, it is high in calories, so eating too many nuts can have an adverse effect on your health.


Beans really might work wonders on your heart! Naturally high in fiber, the food can effectively help to slow both the rate and amount of cholesterol absorption that occurs within the body, helping you to lower unhealthy levels of the stuff in your bloodstream. The lower your levels of unhealthy cholesterol, the healthier your heart will be. Now there’s a great reason to top up on your beans in every meal!


Rich, creamy and undeniably tasty, avocados are a real foodie favorite but did you know that they can also work wonders on your health? Packed full of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, the green fruit can help to raise healthy cholesterol levels while keeping bad things in check within your body. Better yet, the plant can help to counteract the effects of other foods, helping your body to absorb less unhealthy cholesterol from other sources. Versatile and healthy? Now that’s something that we can all get behind.


Want to keep your ticker in check? It’s all about loading up on your greens. Packed full of healthy lutein, spinach has been found to be an effective way to banish unhealthy levels of cholesterol inside the body and keep things running like clockwork. Eating just half a cup of the stuff every day can help your body to eliminate built up cholesterol that might be clogging up your arteries, effectively guarding against heart attacks in the future. Delicious when eaten raw or cooked, spinach might be one of the most versatile and healthy foods on the market!

Keeping your health in check is all about eating right, moving sufficiently and avoiding harmful chemicals and simply by making these super foods a regular part of your diet, you can help to effectively keep things in check. Your health is perhaps the most important thing in your life, so take the time to look after yourself; you are what you eat, after all.

The Wonderful Walnut

A handful of walnuts is good for your heart and your waistline.


Dieters who are watching their waistlines might steer clear of walnuts when they hear that a one ounce serving (a small handful) has a whopping 18 grams of fat and 185 calories. However, a recent study revealed that a walnut-rich diet can actually help you to lose weight and improve your heart health.

The research, led by Cheryl Rock, PhD, RD, of the University of California San Diego, compared the weight loss of women eating a diet with unsaturated fats (like those found in walnuts and olive oil) with those on a lower-fat, higher-carb diet.

“One of the surprising findings of this study was that even though walnuts are higher in fat and calories, the walnut-rich diet was associated with the same degree of weight loss as a lower fat diet,” said Rock in a news release.

The results of the study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, also showed that a diet containing walnuts led to improved cardiovascular health.

This finding may seem counterintuitive, given walnuts’ high fat content. However, 13 of the 18 grams of fat in a one ounce serving are polyunsaturated, and include a sizable amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). ALA is a plant-derived form of omega-3 fatty acids. The heart healthy benefits of polyunsaturated fats have been proven before: a recent study from Harvard showed that polyunsaturated fats may lower your risk of heart disease and help you to live longer.

“Considering the results of this study, as well as previous walnut research on heart health and weight, there’s something to be said for eating a handful of walnuts a day,” said Rock.

Lauren Blake, RD, wellness dietician at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, suggests a few creative ways to eat walnuts each day:

  • Puree or grind walnuts and add them to dips, chili, or smoothies.
  • Chop up a handful of walnuts and sprinkle them over a salad, vegetables, or fruit.
  • Spread walnut butter on fruit or toast or mix into oatmeal. Buy it at the store or, even better, make your own at home.
  • Top off your favorite dessert with chopped walnuts.
  • Give plain yogurt some pizzazz by mixing in crushed walnuts. Add a little sweetness by topping with honey or maple syrup.
  • Walnut oil is great for dipping chips or veggies, blending into a salad dressing, or drizzling over food. Blake cautions against heating walnut oil, which gives it a bitter taste.
  • Add crunch and flavor to fish by coating it with pureed walnuts.


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