How To Lose Weight Without The Hunger Pangs

Losing weight is a long old process. Crash diets and fad eating plans might help you to shed the pounds in a matter of weeks but before long, you’re likely to have piled all of the weight back on. In order to give your body the best chance of getting rid of the pound and keeping them off, you need to go about the dieting process slowly, committing to a long term, healthy eating plan. It’s all about the types of foods that you choose. A fast metabolism diet can help to give your metabolic system a boost into action, helping you to burn off the food that you eat at a much faster rate.

The rate that your body converts food into energy, your metabolism controls how quickly the calories you take in are burned off and how much gets stored for later as fat. The faster your metabolism is, the more rapidly that you will use up the energy from food. As well as exercising, you can control your metabolic rate through the foods you eat, kicking things into gear that but faster. This fast metabolism diet will give your body the right kind of fuel, making it easier for your body to get the essential nutrients from what you’re eating.

To get going on your fast metabolism diet, you’re going to need to get a few basics into place. The entire process takes part in three main phases, focusing on a number of different food groups. The first phase will take a focus on carbohydrates and fruits, helping to keep you fuller and keep you going for longer. While you will want to focus on foods like quinoa, brown rice, watermelon and cantaloupe, don’t forget to keep eating healthy proteins like chicken, fish and eggs along the way.

During this phase, try mixing up your recipes to get the most out of each meal. Grilled chicken salads, rice bowls, mixed fruit and crudites can work well throughout the day, helping to keep you full and focused.

After four days on phase one, it’s time to move on to the second phase of the fast metabolism diet. In this part of the process, lean proteins and vegetables are the focus, helping your body to begin to cut down any residual fats. Foods during this part of the process should consist of ingredients like egg whites, lean white meats, fatless beef and a variety of vegetables. The more colors that you can get on your plate in one sitting, the better, so don’t be afraid to pile those veggies up high!

When it comes to recipes during this phase, try getting a good mix of protein and vegetable content in each sitting. Egg white omelets, steamed white fish, mixed vegetables and fresh salads will become your best friends, so ensure that your fridge is well stocked with ingredients.

Moving on to the final phase, it’s time to incorporate a larger mix of balanced food groups into your meal plan. While this might be the most inclusive phase of them all, don’t forget to consider your recipes with a healthy slant; it should be about weight loss, after all. Phase three is all about healthy fats, sustainable carbohydrates and fresh fruit and veg, so try your hand at the types of recipes on offer. Fruits high in sugar should generally be avoided and any fats you eat should be high in monounsaturates. Snacking on fruits and nuts is a great way to keep yourself ticking over during the day, keeping going while staying healthy.

Recipes including ingredients like avocados, oily fish, nuts and fresh vegetables will serve you well in this final phase. In general, making sure you get a balanced mix of ingredients is the best way to go and will help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

While this kind of a diet can be effective in the short term, it should not be carried on for longer periods of time. High metabolism phases are a great way of kicking your body into action, making it easier for it to begin the energy burning process. Returning to healthy eating habits can help to continue the weight loss trend, keeping your body in better shape for even longer!

6 Superfoods You Need To Add To Your Grocery List

We’ve all heard about superfoods before. Rich in nutrients, superfoods can be added to any healthy diet for an extra boost in the right direction, helping you to get even more out of your food. Piling up on superfoods can benefit so many areas of your health and the more of them that you eat, the better that you will feel. While you might eat a healthy, balanced diet, turning your attentions towards certain foods can seriously help you to get in shape. These superfoods might seem innocuous but buried inside their skins is a whole world of nutritional potential. It’s time to get eating!


When it comes to healthy foods, grains are up there amongst some of the best. Despite their tiny appearance, quinoa are packed full of incredible nutritional potential, helping you to load up on all the essentials in one sitting. Used as a perfect alternative to rice or pasta, quinoa can help you to get your fill of amino acids and proteins, ensuring that you will feel even fuller for longer. Mild in flavor and incredibly easily adapted, quinoa can soon become a part of your regular eating plan.


The leafier and greener the vegetable, the better. Such is the case with kale, one of the healthiest superfoods in the world of nutrition. While the vegetable is a fantastic source of iron, it is also packed with more antioxidants than most other foods on the planet. Helping to eliminate free radicals in your system, antioxidants cut your risk of developing certain diseases, keeping you on a healthier track throughout your life. As well as this, the vegetable is a great source of fiber and calcium, promoting a better quality of health.


If you like to experiment with your breakfast, then the chances are that you’ve already tried chia pudding as a way to start your day. Despite their somewhat strange texture, chia seeds are gaining popularity, enjoying a healthy following of breakfast fans. The followers might have good reason for their food of choice, too; packed full of fatty acids, the seeds help to promote a healthier heart and circulatory system. As well as this, chia seeds are packed full of iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium, keeping your body well balanced throughout the day.

Green Tea

How do you like to start your day? There’s good reason why you should be sipping on a cup of green tea. As well as helping to keep you feeling alert, green tea can offer a whole load of nutritional properties that you simply won’t find in a cup of coffee. The secret to the drink is its high quantities of antioxidants. Loaded with the stuff, green tea can help to ward off the development of diseases such as cancer and heart disease. The chemicals inside the drink are known to slow the development of irregular cell growth, keeping your internal system in better shape for even longer.


A fruit with one of the highest water contents out there, watermelon isn’t just a great way in which to stay hydrated. Low in sugar and high in essential vitamins A and C, the fruit is a great way to up your nutritional count in between meals. As well as helping you to get your fill of healthy nutrients, watermelon is also believed to help to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. That’s not bad for a tasty summer treat!


We all know that eating nuts is a great way to boost our health but how many of us know which varieties can help with what? If you want to get more superfoods in your life, you would do well to turn your attentions to pistachios. Despite their tiny size, the nuts are bursting with protein and fiber, keeping you fuller and in better health. Cholesterol-free, the nuts can be enjoyed as a healthy snack, letting you fill up in between meals without any of the guilt.

Eat These High Protein Breakfasts To Keep Going All Day!

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Everyone knows that protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, but did you realize why it’s just so good for you? Getting your fill of healthy, lean protein can help to keep you going for longer, boost your energy levels and stop you from snacking in the afternoon. Better yet, eating protein after a workout can contribute to muscle repair and growth, helping you to get stronger and fitter in no time at all. Making protein a part of your diet is something that you can do at any point in the day but if you really want to get off to a good start, you will look to your breakfast. Starting your day with a protein packed meal can help you avoid temptation when hunger calls and make healthier choices. And the best way to get your fill of protein? These breakfasts ought to do the trick.

Sweet Potato Hash With Sausage and Eggs

While sweet potato and egg hash is already brimming with good protein, adding in a little sausage pushes this dish over the edge. While the dish might look complicated to whip up, it is deceptively easy and won’t cost you a lot of extra time in the kitchen. You can have this before you go to work, as a late breakfast or even after a workout. A few turns around the pan and this dish will be good to go.

Healthy Breakfast Nachos

While “healthy” and “nachos” might rarely show up in the same sentence together, these tasty treats are about to turn everything around. Piled high with fresh eggs, crunchy veg and Greek yogurt, this breakfast does away with all the unhealthy extras, serving up only the best products. The ingredients are finished off with a few large servings of gluten free tortillas, making staying full a no brainer.

Baked Denver Omelet

There are omelets and then there’s the baked Denver omelet. Packed full of tasty goodies, this omelet cuts down on the cooking fuss, bringing all of the ingredients together in one simple place. Loaded with eggs, ham and potatoes, the dish is guaranteed to keep you well fueled for a day’s work. One bite of this and you might never go back to traditional omelets again!

Chickpea Flour Scramble

There are so many healthy alternatives on the breakfast food market that now, it’s practically impossible to eat anything bad. Chickpea flour is a great way of getting your protein hit without filling up on meat and served up with a few spices, can be turned into a tasty breakfast scramble. While you can serve up this dish as you like, it’s best alongside a healthy side of veggies. The fresher the better.

Greek Yogurt Oat Pancakes

A protein packed breakfast doesn’t have to be all about the savory stuff and by making the right kinds of choices, you can get a taste of something sweet while staying healthy! If you’re looking for a healthy twist on a classic dish, these Greek yogurt oat pancakes are the dish for you. Loaded with the healthy yogurt and a whole load of eggs whites, the pancakes don’t scrimp on the protein and one serving can see you through well past lunch. Pile ‘em up and stay fuller for longer!

Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Super grains are a superb way of staying fuller for longer and when it comes to the very best, quinoa is up there. This breakfast bowl might sound like an indulgent choice but it is surprisingly well balanced, helping you to keep things really healthy. Gluten-free, protein-rich and bursting with fresh fruit, this bowl has everything you need for a balanced breakfast. Make up a larger serving and keep yourself going throughout the week.

Latte Overnight Oats

When it comes to breakfast, simple recipes win everytime. Overnight dishes are some of the very best, requiring only time in order to perfect themselves. If you’re into sweet dishes, then these overnight oats are a must try. Equipped with a protein and a caffeine kick, this breakfast bowl will keep you going for longer and help to wake you up in the morning. Simply mix the ingredients together and let time work its magic. You won’t be disappointed.

Stop The Sugar: How To Overcome Your Junk Food Cravings

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Healthy eating is all about getting the right kinds of nutrients inside your body. When you’re dealing with junk food cravings, however, staying on track can seem like a very real struggle. It’s time to take control back into your hands. Overcoming your food cravings can take a great deal of time and effort but if you apply the right kind of thinking to the task, anything is possible. Are you ready to become a healthier, happier you? It’s time to say no to the junk, once and for all.

Drink A Glass Of Water

Is that hunger that you’re feeling, or do you just need something to drink? A large amount of the time, we can misinterpret the signals our body sends out and while we might believe we need to eat, it could just be our brain telling us to drink a glass of water. The next time you feel a craving for something unhealthy, try taking a sip on a cold glass of cater beforehand. If your “hunger” pangs have gone within 20 minutes, you’ll know that it was just your mind playing tricks on you!

Get Your Fill Of Protein

Cravings for unhealthy food could be a sign that you’re not getting your fill of the right nutrients. Getting sufficient amounts of protein in your diet can help to feel fuller for longer and stave off cravings for the things that you’re trying to avoid. Eating foods like eggs, green vegetables and lean meats can be a great way of getting your fill in your diet, repairing any muscle loss and keeping your full throughout the day. You might not even miss the sweet stuff!

Plan Your Meals (And Snacks) Ahead

When you know what you’re going to be eating, when, you’re much less likely to veer off course. Planning the meals that you’re going to eat each day can make it easier to avoid the bad stuff at the supermarket and clear out your cupboards of any junk. Don’t forget to snack, too! Healthy eating doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself and by sticking to the right kinds of snacks, you can do your body a little good and feel fuller, too. Having a structure might just help you to say no to sugar.

Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Battling stress? Feeling more anxious than normal? You’re more likely to reach for the cookie jar. In times of tension, your food cravings can be significantly affected and while your willpower might usually be strong, you can have a moment of weakness when you’re feeling low. Fighting your stress in other ways can help you to get over this affliction. Activities like meditation and yoga are believed to be powerful in the fight against anxiety, helping you to get over whatever is troubling you. You can take matters into your own hands.

Take More Supplements

The kinds of nutrients that you get in your body can make all the difference when it comes to battling food cravings. Spinach supplements have recently emerged as some as the most effective in the fight against cravings and taking them can really help you out. Helping to delay fat digestion, the supplements can increase the amounts of appetite suppressing hormones in your body. Taking spinach on a daily basis could be all it takes for you to say no to sugar.

Get Proper Sleep

Feelings of tiredness are more likely to result in you snacking on foods that are high in sugar. Sleep deprivation has been found to cause essential hormones to fluctuate throughout the day, interfering with your levels of hunger. The less sleep that you have, the more food cravings you might experience, so getting a good amount of shut eye is really essential. If you rest enough and recharge your batteries, you can stop cravings in their tracks and get back to a healthy way of life!

Eat Full Meals

One of the biggest culprits of food cravings out there is improper eating. Failing to get your fill of food each meal time is more likely to result in you reaching for the junk after a couple of hours. A lack of key nutrients combined with hunger can be all it takes for you to pack in the diet, so make sure you get your fill when you sit down to eat. Eating a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals can help you to feel more healthy and ward off those cravings.

Healthy Eating: The Healing Power Of Fiber

Getting on the path to good health is all about filling your body with the right kinds of nutrients. While all nutrients have their benefits, it is fiber that is one of the most crucial to the healthy functioning of your body’s processes, helping to keep things running like clockwork. Getting enough of the nutrient in your diet is about so much more than maintaining a feeling of wellness and by consuming at least 25 grams of the stuff every day, you can significantly boost a number of your body’s most important processes. Just what is fiber good for, though? After coming to terms with its benefits, you might just want to pile your plate a little higher with the good stuff.

Promotes A Healthy Heart

When it comes down to it, your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. Maintaining it over time, then, is in your very best interests and it really is never too early to eat the right things. Getting your fill of fiber is one of the best ways that you can improve the state of your heart health and help to keep it working well into the future. Just why is that, though? Fiber has been repeatedly linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease throughout your life as it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. The lower your bad cholesterol levels, the more readily your blood can be pumped around your body; it’s that simple.

Deters Type 2 Diabetes

Unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 can come about as a result of unhealthy lifestyle changes and keeping it under wraps is all about the kinds of foods that you eat. Eating a high fiber diet can help to maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels in your body, slowing the absorption of glucose into the blood. Incorporating more of the food into your diet can pack you with slow release energy, help to keep you feeling productive and will maintain healthy glucose levels for a longer period of time!

Combats The Onset Of Cancer

Reducing your chances of developing cancer throughout your life is all about what you put inside your body now. Studies have shown that individuals who eat a high fiber diet are much less likely to develop things like cancer of the colon, small intestine, stomach, breast and ovaries. That’s not something to be sniffed at. Fiber works wonders on the digestive system in general, helping to eliminate any toxins that might have built up over time. Eating more fruits and vegetables is an even better way to get your fiber fix, helping to pump your body with a few extra antioxidants at the same time.

Helps To Keep Your Weight Down

Are you battling against the scales? It could be time to make fiber a more prominent part of your diet. Eating more of the nutrient is often associated with weight loss, helping you to feel fuller for longer after eating. Filling up your plate with fiber rich foods is a great way of warding off those hunger pangs and stopping the snacking down the line. It’s all to do with the breakdown of the food. Since it takes a relatively long time to be digested, fiber can help you to feel even fuller for longer, resulting in you eating less. It’s a win-win situation!

Improves The Quality Of Your Skin

Dealing with breakouts and spots is all part and parcel of normal life but if you’re finding that your complexion is unhealthy more often than not, it could be time to take a closer look at what you’re eating. A fiber rich diet can help to promote better quality of skin, helping you to cut down on nasty breakouts. What’s the secret? Fiber is believed to help rid your body of yeast and fungus that would otherwise be secreted through your pores, causing them to block up. The clearer your internal health, the better your complexion will look!

Getting your health on track is all about enjoying a more balanced diet and by getting your fiber fill, you can help to boost the health of a huge number of different bodily functions. Feeling good comes from the inside out so if you want to do your health a little good, try eating more fiber today.

The Productivity Diet To Whip You Into Shape

Getting the most out of your day could be as simple as adapting the foods that you eat. What you put inside of your body determines the amount of healthy energy you will be able to put towards the day’s tasks and when it comes to being productive, it’s worth taking a closer look at your diet. Slow release energy foods can make all the difference to your working day and by eating more of them in your diet, you can effectively fuel yourself for success!

Want to get more out of every day? It’s time to take a look at the productivity diet.


Starting your day the right day can make or break the hours ahead. Giving yourself a well balanced, properly fueled breakfast is a great way to give your body the energetic release it needs in order to get more done. And one of the best ways? Eggs! Packed full of protein and brimming with B vitamins, eggs are one of the best ways that you can give your body a kick of slow release energy first thing in the morning. You can try eating a couple of poached or soft boiled eggs with some wholemeal toast for a really balanced meal. The food will keep you going for longer and you will be less likely to reach for the snack drawer when 11am rolls around!


Giving your body the right kinds of sugars is one of the most effective ways to help it release energy more steadily throughout the day. While refined varieties that are found in things like cakes and cookies can lead you to crash in the afternoon, natural glucose such as that found in fruit can have the opposite effect, giving you just what you need in order to keep your productivity levels up all day long. Bananas are one of the best sources of glucose out there, giving your body exactly what it needs in order to keep going for longer. Eating one at breakfast time can help you to focus for longer and get more done.

Dark Leafy Greens

There isn’t a lot that dark leafy greens aren’t good for and when it comes to your productivity levels, they can work serious wonders. Making vegetables like kale and spinach a part of a balanced lunch time meal can be all that it takes to get a mid afternoon kick of energy. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, leafy green veg can help to boost the flow of oxygen around the body and improve cognitive function in the process. It’s win-win!

Olive Oil

Looking for a healthy way to add a little seasoning to your salad? You might want to reach for the olive oil. Studies have found that the natural substance is incredibly high in monounsaturated fats which are essential for things like healthy heart functioning and stabilized blood pressure. Using olive oil over products like butter or vegetable oils in your cooking can help to promote cognitive functioning over time and give you the energy you need in order to get more things done!

Whole Wheat Bread

Thought that carbs were the enemy? Think again. While processed varieties of the stuff like refined pasta and white bread do simply stuff your body with unnecessary sugars, complex carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet. Eating more whole wheat varieties in your meals boosts your body’s slow release energy and will help you to stay feeling productive as the day wears on. High in fiber, low in sugars, whole wheat bread will help to keep you full after your meal and ready to tackle any major problem.


There are few foods as good for you as oily fish like salmon. When combined with a balanced meal of brown rice and veggies, salmon can help to boost your body’s productivity levels a huge amount, giving you the fuel to get the most out of your day. It’s all down to the protein, iron, omega 3 and B vitamins. Containing a healthy blend of these nutrients, salmon can help to support things like memory, reasoning and focus, making it easier for you to take on your working projects. Eating the fish a few times a week can be all that it takes to feel at your very best.

Overeating: How To Change Your Impulse Eating Habits

Impulse eating is one of the biggest causes for weight gain out there. While you might start your diet with the very best of intentions, it is easy to get caught up in your food cravings and before long, you might find yourself lost in the cookie cupboard, having consumed half a week’s worth of food. Taking control over your eating habits is not something that will necessarily come overnight but it is something that you can gradually get under your belt; all it takes a little focus. Eating on impulse is consuming foods without a thought of how they might affect your body and by taking a more mindful approach to your diet, you can get over your habit and introduce healthy change in your lifestyle.

Are you ready for a healthier, happier you? It’s time to take a look at what you’re eating.

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Eat Light Bites, Often

Are you a three big meals kind of person? You might be making your healthy eating journey a whole lot more difficult for yourself. While being raised on three large meals throughout the day is perfectly normal, it might actually be better for your health if you split your eating up into smaller segments. Studies have shown that by eating smaller meals more frequently, you can help to keep your blood sugar at a steady level throughout the day and feel less hungry in the evening. Maintaining your intake of food is a great way of keeping your energy levels up, which in turn can make it easier for you to make sensible eating choices over the course of a week. The less hungry you are, the more healthy you will be!

Always Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast might seem like a good way to lose weight and slim down but in fact, it could be having an adverse effect on your overall health. Failing to fuel your body sufficiently in the morning is more likely to lead to you making poorer eating choices in the day in order to up your energy levels. The more tired that you feel, the more sugar that you are likely to consume. To counteract this process, it’s worth eating a little something in the morning to help to boost your blood sugar levels. A bowl of oats or chia seeds is a great option and will provide you with enough slow release energy to last well into the morning.

Stop The Snacking

Snacking after hours might be a part of your night time routine but doing so over a prolonged period of time can actually cause you to pile on the pounds and feel all the worse for it. When you eat in front of a TV screen, you are less likely to pay attention to the amount that you’re eating and over time, the action can become mechanic. To combat the problem, you can try to give yourself a “cut off” time in the evening after which you stop snacking. Giving your stomach time to digest the food from the day is the best way to stay in good shape and fall asleep more easily. Night time snacking won’t help anyone.

Take A Pause

You might find yourself reaching for the snack drawer as soon as you have a spare few minutes but before you go ahead with you food choice, it’s worth asking yourself what you will get out of the food you’re craving. Stopping to think before you eat can help you to weigh up the health benefits of your snack of choice and make you more aware of your eating habits. The next time you find yourself craving something unhealthy, ask yourself whether your body really needs it or rather, if it’s just an impulse eat.

Change Your Environment

When you’re in different places, you can find your behaviour changing accordingly and what might be true in one environment can fail to stick elsewhere. Habits are often things that we develop as a result of the places we’re in and can have nothing to do with our real needs. If you find yourself constantly wanting to snack at the office, try getting away from your desk and going for a brief walk. Taking the time in which to remove yourself from the situation will help you to make a mindful choice and might even make it easier to break the snacking habit.

5 Tasty and Simple Low Carb Breakfasts

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; there’s no denying it. Starting your day with the right kind of fuel can be all it takes to get going in a positive way, staying focused throughout the morning. If you’re living life on the go, however, making sufficiently healthy choices can be a bit of an uphill battle and rather than using your morning to whip up a balanced meal, you might instead be tempted to grab something on the go, regardless of its nutritional content.

No more. Thanks to the rise of healthy eating, getting a balanced and wholesome meal inside of you at any point in the day just became a whole lot more easy, no matter how busy you might be. If you’re on the hunt for something filling and low in carbs, then you’ve really come to the right place; these dishes are simple to whip up, great for your health and won’t leave you feeling bloated!

Easy Grain-Free Granola

Want something a little different from your usual bowl of granola? You need to try this recipe. Replacing rolled oats with nuts, the breakfast is packed full of protein and healthy fats, helping to keep your energy levels topped up for the whole day. You can try making a larger batch of the stuff and storing it in an airtight container; when hunger calls, you know that you will be well covered. All you need to do is top with a little Greek yogurt, throw the whole thing together in a bowl and enjoy!

Egg Stuffed Avocados

Breakfast isn’t all about the sweet options and by incorporating one of the healthiest fruits out there into your meal, you’re guaranteed a dish that will keep you going for hours. These egg stuffed avocados are practically carb free and, packed full of healthy proteins, will ward off those hunger pangs well into the morning. Great for lowering your cholesterol and even better for maintaining your muscles, this breakfast really has it all and might just become a firm favorite over time.

Coconut Flour Pancakes

Sometimes, of course, only the real classics will do and when you’re trying to stick to a low carb diet, things can become really tricky. Until now, that is. These coconut flour pancakes cut down on the carbs and pile on the flavor, giving you the chance to sample something that is sweet, fluffy and remarkably good for your health. You can try topping this light breakfast with a few red fruits and a drizzle of honey. It might look like the ultimate guilty treat but in fact, the food is incredibly good for you!

Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

Who said that you couldn’t get your fill of veggies first thing in the morning? Loaded with vitamin C and even more antioxidants, these breakfast stuffed peppers will put you well on the way to getting your five a day, all before your morning cup of coffee. If you don’t have much time in the morning, you can try whipping up a batch of these peppers the night before and reheating one or two directly before eating. Simple, tasty and healthy; what’s not to love?

Crustless Mini Quiche

Packed full of all the tasty fillings of a traditional quiche without the carb heavy crust, these mini quiches are the perfect way to enjoy a balanced and tasty breakfast. Small enough to be taken with you on the go, the breakfast food is great if you find yourself with a little less time in the morning; simply pop a few in a box, grab your things and you’re good to go. You can even try experimenting with the fillings to produce a more tailored dish; when it comes to the quiches, the ingredients are up to you.

Getting a good breakfast inside of you is a sure fire way to make the most out of your day and thanks to these healthy recipes, enjoying a low carb meal has never been easier. With most recipes being able to be prepared well in advance, you will still have the time to focus on all the same things in the morning without feeling the need to rush. Good food should be a fact of life and with these tasty recipes, you can make the most out of what you eat.

The Healthy Foods That Promote Better Rest

Getting sufficient sleep is vital when it comes to maintaining your health but with so many different things vying for our attention, getting the correct amount of shut eye is often a great deal more difficult than we might have initially thought. While following the right kind of night time routine can make all the difference when it comes to your quality of sleep, it is the types of foods that you eat during the day that really affect how easily you can switch off during the night. Eating more of these products might just make the difference that you were looking for and after upping the quantities of them that you eat, you might never look back.


Bananas are one of the healthiest foods that there is and simply by eating one of the fruit every day, you can significantly boost your wellness and feel all the better for it. When it comes to your sleep, it’s a similar story and, packed full of vitamins and nutrients, bananas can really make all the difference. Potassium and magnesium – found inside bananas – can help your muscles relax, whereas the fruit’s stores of amino acids can help to up your brain’s production of melatonin. The more melatonin you have, the more easily you will be able to nod off!


As well as being a sweet and healthy treat, cherries are packed full of sleep inducing nutrients, making it easier for you to fall asleep after a long day. One of the few food sources of melatonin, cherries make it easier for your brain to produce more of the hormone, helping your muscles to relax and for you to enter into sleep mode. Eating a handful of the fruit a few hours before you want to go to bed can be all that it takes to enjoy a better night’s sleep and feel all the fresher for it in the morning.


Do you feel sleepy after eating a pile of carbs? There’s a science behind that. While indulging in food can make us naturally feel more inclined to sleep, carbohydrates in particular can have a sedative effect, making it easier for us to fall asleep during the night. It’s all down to your sugar levels. Carbs play an active role in your body’s sleep/wake clock by causing your blood sugar levels to both rise and fall. Rather than eating a huge bowl of pasta before you go to sleep, consuming a slice of toast can do just as good of a job, helping you to hit the pillow much more easily.

Brazil Nuts

There’s a nut out there for every health issue and when it comes down to your sleeping patterns, it’s a similar story. Brazil nuts are packed full of magnesium, selenium and phosphorus, all of which play a vital role in the sleep process. Snacking on a few of the nuts throughout the day can help to keep your body’s protein levels topped up while making it easier for it to switch off during the night. Better yet, the nuts are one of the only meat free sources of selenium, enabling vegetarians the chance to get their fill of the nutrient.


As well as topping your body up with protein and helping your muscles to repair themselves after strenuous exercise, eggs can make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. Just how do they do it, though? It’s all about their minerals and vitamins. High in things like vitamin D, choline and folate, eggs are a great way of relaxing into a healthy night’s sleep, naturally increasing your brain’s abilities to induce rest. Hard boiled eggs make a great healthy dinner or pre-sleep snack, especially if you pair them with healthy avocado.

Getting sufficient sleep is one of the easiest ways to boost your energy levels and get more done in the day and by eating these foods, you can give your brain and body a better chance of nodding off. In combination with reducing your screen time at night, listening to relaxing music and taking natural supplements, these healthy foods can make falling asleep incredibly simple, giving you the chance to focus on what really matters during the day.

The Best Foods For A Full Body Detox

Eating right and working out are essential parts of a balanced routine but from time to time, you might want to go the extra mile in order to whip your body into shape. Detoxing is an increasingly popular way to help get your health on the straight and narrow, have more energy and generally feel better about yourself. While there are a great deal of different detox diets out there, eating the right kinds of foods over a certain period of time might be all that it takes to have you looking and feeling your best.

Forget faddy diets; these healthy foods will naturally detoxify your body and help to eliminate any nasty toxins that might have been building up. Helping to ward off chronic diseases, keep your heart in great shape and improve the quality of your complexion, these foods can really make all the difference to your diet; it just might be time to start making them a part of your healthy regime.

Wild Salmon

Fish like salmon and tuna can work wonders on your body, helping you to look your best from the inside out. Brimming with healthy fatty acids, salmon can help to protect your heart and keep your blood pressure level within normal boundaries. There’s more to the fish, too; packed with inflammatory healthy fats, salmon is known to help reverse arterial stiffness, enabling your blood to flow normally around the body. The more oxygenated your organs are, the better that they will function.


Green, leafy vegetables are some of the best foods that you can eat in order to support your immune system and keep your internal health running in tip top shape. Rich in both vitamin A and C, spinach is essential in the fight against free radicals in the body, helping to ward off chronic diseases. Better yet, eating more of the vegetable can help to effectively reduce your cholesterol levels, meaning you can enjoy better health over a longer period of time.


Had too many wild nights? You need to add a little lemon into your life. The citrus fruit has been found to be a powerful antioxidant, particularly within the liver, helping to detoxify the organ from any nasty chemicals that may have built up over time. If you’re struggling with your digestion, you might also want to listen up; lemon is incredibly effective at increasing the levels of bile that are essential for digestion. The better equipped your body is at breaking down foods, the happier and more healthy you will feel!


As well as being one of the most delicious vegetables on the market, artichokes can work serious wonders when included in a detoxifying regime. Promoting the production of bile in the liver, this vegetable can help the organ function more effectively, increasing your body’s detoxifying powers. Eating more of the vegetable can also help your body to fight off viruses, fungal infections and strengthen itself against the onset of chronic diseases.


One of the most popular foods at this moment in time, kale can also work wonders on your internal health. Packed full of detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, the green leafy vegetable is packed full of an incredibly high amount of essential nutrients. If you’re trying to boost the health of your kidneys, there is no better food out there. Targeting the organ, kale can help to flush out the kidneys of any toxins that might have built up, keeping things working smoothly.


Looking for a food that has it all? You need a little more beetroot in your life. The root vegetable is beneficial to practically every part of your body and just eating a single serving can help to improve things no end. As well as fighting infection, beetroot can help to purify the blood, cleanse vital organs and boost the intake of oxygen within your body. Cleaning your body, motivating your brain and effectively fighting cancer, beetroots are one of the best ways that you can keep your health in check.

Detoxes don’t have to be just about cutting out food groups and in fact, by eating the right foods, you can boost your health in ways you might never have imagined. Taking care of what you put in your body can make all the difference in the way that you feel and by boosting your nutritional power from time to time, you might just end up feeling all the better for it.