Why You Shouldn’t Be Drinking Lemon Water to Lose Weight

Why You Shouldn’t Be Drinking Lemon Water to Lose Weight

There’s a trend that people who drink warm lemon water will lose weight. You’ve probably seen it on Facebook, and many other places online. Articles tell you that if you drink warm water with lemon juice in it as soon as you make up in the morning, you will be more likely to lose weight.

We hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t work.

Sure, you can trick yourself into losing weight with lemon water. It’s the placebo effect. When you think you are going to lose weight, you will do things that will make you lose weight such as exercising more and eating less. So, with that, it’s not the lemon water, but the exercising and diet change.

What will lemon water provide?

  • Cancer-fighting antioxidants
  • Energy-boosting vitamin C

If you are looking for these effects, then lemon water is exactly what you want to drink. You don’t have to drink it in the morning. You can drink it any time of the day to give you those effects.

The Reason You SHOULD NOT Drink Lemon Water

While there are a couple of benefits to drinking lemon water, you may wonder what’s so wrong about it. The following will help you see you may want to tame down the gallons of lemon water you consume each day.

Causes Heartburn

Lemons are acidic. When you drink large amounts of lemon water, the acid can cause heartburn. Usually, people who are susceptible to heartburn are more likely to experience it, but it can happen to people who don’t normally get it too.

Damages Tooth Enamel

The acid from the lemons can also wear away tooth enamel. This is the protective cover on your teeth that keeps you from getting cavities and having tooth sensitivity.

The damage to your teeth is intensified if you brush your teeth after drinking lemon water. The acid in the lemons loosens the enamel and then your toothbrush brushes it away. Since many people usually brush their teeth after they have their lemon water, this has become a big problem. You should wait about 30 minutes to brush your teeth after having anything acidic.

Can Contribute to  Vitamin C Toxicity

Vitamin C is good to get, but too much can be bad for you. The most you should get a day is 2,000 mg. If you get more than that, you could end up having diarrhea and/or kidney stones.

The good news is that one cup of lemon juice contains 60.5 mg, so it would take A LOT of lemon juice to end up exceeding the 2,000 mg limit. You just need to be careful if you drink lemon juice and eat a lot of foods with lemon in it or lemons themselves.

Aggravates Gastroesphageal Reflux Disorder

Gastroesphageal reflux disorder (GERD) causes heartburn, nausea and vomiting. It is triggered by acid from foods like lemons. When people who suffer from GERD drink lemon water, they irritate their esophageal lining. This triggers the symptoms of GERD.

Slows Healing Time for Ulcers

Lemons can aggravate ulcers, too. Those suffering with an ulcer should stay away from lemon or other acidic foods because they inflame ulcers, which slows down the healing time. It can also cause the ulcer to heal incorrectly, which can lead to pain later in life.

Gives You a Stomachache

Have you noticed you’ve had a stomachache ever since you tried to lose weight with lemon water? It’s not because you’ve changed your diet – it’s the lemon. Again, the culprit is the acid in the lemon juice. Your stomach just can’t take the irritation from the acid, which is why you tummy seems to hurt by the end of the day.

Saying Good-Bye to Lemon Water

Don’t think you should say good-bye to lemon water forever. It’s good for you when you consider the vitamin C and antioxidants in it. It’s just important to cut down on your consumption.

If you’re using lemon water to get in all of the H2O you need to drink a day, try different flavor boosters. You can always add cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, or some other veggie or fruit to the water to give it a better taste. Be creative with your add-ins and you may just end up finding a new favorite.

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